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Here are some benefits of proper ventilation:

It helps reduce damaging moisture. Excessive moisture can build up in the attic, potentially damaging the structure and degrading the roof system. It can also lead to mold.
It can help save energy. Heat build-up in that attic comes at a cost—a home’s air conditioning has to work harder to cool down the house, especially the living space below the attic.
It helps prevent damage to the roof shingles. High attic heat can bake the shingle and cause them to prematurely age. In fact, most major shingle manufacturers strongly recommend proper attic ventilation on asphalt shingle installations.

Tough to the core. The high-strength fiberglass core at the heart of
the system uses GAF proprietary low-profile technology for a shingle with extraordinary durability. 


Engineered with you in mind. Unique asphalt formulations for every plant, plus custom adhesives designed to stand up to the specific climate challenges in our area.  

The very best combination of weight and performance that modern manufacturing technology can deliver. 


Your roof can represent up to 40% of your home’s


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Protection on top of protection. Ceramic- coated granules, made from some of the hardest minerals on Earth, protect against UV damage while providing vivid color that will stand the test of time.

Only the best materials with the best warranties from the leading brand names in the industry are used in THE 518 REMODEL ROOFING SYSTEM.



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